Kiara is a lover of rock and metal that blends seamlessly with her career of high end dark fashion modelling.

A talented and creative hair colourist that moves between high street and catwalk, bringing out the best in every client’s hair style needs.

After coming to Velveteen in 2014 Kiara has become a sort after stylist providing new and trending cuts, to hair creations that are simply out of this world.
To relax Kiara practises fire breathing and fire based dance performance.


Before he came to Velveteen, our world traveling hair stylist taught hair at Plymouth college, catering exclusively for oriental students.

With his love of Asia and his ability to speak Japanese some say his work with scissors and razor make him a zen warrior of hair. Though he says he views “the hair as a canvas and his tools as merely brush and pallet.”

Paul joined Velveteen in 2015 and came  from a busy high street salon – which has given him the ability to explore his own creativity with an ever increasing demand for alternative and street edgy styles that he makes his own.
A lover of dance and gymnastics, Paul himself was a practising gymnast for over 15 years.