Velveteen also has a mobile bar for hire.
The Velvet Buccaneer is a 5 meter display wagon turned lovingly into a Pirate themed mobile Cocktail Bar with just a hint of Steampunk.

Crewed by the Velvets and overseen by their very own Luke Hanson (an award winning cocktail specialist of 16 years and), they are more than happy to travel the 4 counties of Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Cornwall, in pursuit of making  your Party or Festival a memorable thing of wonder, fun and rum.

And if the gold is right, maybe even further a field to places that are said, “there might be Dragons” ……if the gold is right 😉

With a flexible and creative drinks menus, the Velvet Buccaneer will cater to the most splendiferous of your outdoor events.


You might be wondering what does Exeter’s Premier Boutique Hair Salon and Clothes Emporium need a Classically Trained Chef, turned Bespoke Cocktail Bartender for…?

Well apart from making you a great cup of coffee when you come in, Luke has a Beautiful Manner when dealing with people, a real people person and loves talking and helping people find the right thing for them as well as having a great eye for detail.

Luke easily stands out in a crowd with his multiple looks, from Stage Magician, (90’s Punk Kid or as many know him “Pirate Luke” in full regalia Luke really does look almost villainous but trust us when we say this Big Friendly Giant will be more likely to convince you to part with your gold in a fair trade of the incredible goods and services we offer rather than at the end of a Cutlass.

Alongside Captain Jon of The Velvet Buccaneer (the newest arrow in our quiver at Velveteen), Luke will be heading up this incredible new venture – a mobile cocktail bar which is available for private hire and will be seen at festivals and events as it tours across the country.