In 2012 Velveteen had its debut in a none too rain resistant 3 meter by 6 meter second-hand marquee given to them by a friend. BMAD (Bikers Make A Difference) charity event in Paignton of that year was the start of it all, surrounded by Rockers, Bikers and Hells Angels. They were hooked.

Little did they know back then where that road ( sometimes literally ) would take them.

Over a 120 shows later (some as diverse as Bloodstock Festival, Roll A Derby’s and fashion shows in between), 15 day non stop Christmas markets (in the same leaky tent) 2 shops and a pop up shop over a winter – they finally came to rest at the top of Fore street, Exeter (Devon’s Little Camden).

It has also been known for Velveteen to be invited backstage to trade to legendary rock stars who have always returned to them over the years.

But even though this piece is supposed to be about Velveteen’s Clothes, Hair, Tattoos and Body Piercing
“it really should be about the people that have walked through our door” say Julie and Jon.

The artists, musicians, poets and creators and the people that have supported them in is so many ways over the years, are the reason they have been voted one of the best clothing stores in Exeter by
That and their Velveteen Family.